Dear Colleagues,

I want to share Sam Webb’s, head of the Communist Party, report of the Party’s evaluation of President Obama’s State of the Union address.  I find it extremely well balanced and hope that we can find a way to redevelop the mass movement that elected Obama.

My concern is the position of many who believe in socialism, and I do find no reference to the attitude and actions that we should take in influencing the people to accede with many of the positive things that Obama has proposed. I sense that his speech and his conference with Hu Jintao, which preceded that speech, has made some difference in Obama’s approach to solving the problems of the unemployed and poverty stricken and Obama’s recognition of the unfairness of the tax return to the wealthy. What I find missing is a Marxist approach to Obama’s proposals in terms of changing our system.

I would suggest that we are living through a period in which the capitalist class has shown its unwillingness and inability to advance our economy. They are continuing to make more money than ever by allowing a deterioration of living standards in our country while making greater profits on those who are employed and even more profits on cheap labor they substitute around the world. Hence, they have no interest or desire to do anything but reduce the standards further because the only way to stop it is to tax them.  As an example, we have the total corporate profits in the third quarter of 2010, which amounted to $1.658 trillion representing the highest quarterly earnings for over two generations back.  What we should be demanding of Obama is that he encourage foreign investments that would grow the economy in our country again. No doubt much of this would come from China.  That would create an attitude that counters the anti-China propaganda in this country and recognize that they are developing as an economic power with a non-military base following an international policy of fair trade with the development of each country in its own best way. This includes making special arrangements with countries that do not benefit as much as its trading partners (China in particular), which would be ameliorated by special purchasing contracts that have already been inaugurated by China last year. Furthermore, investments in developing countries would be based on industrial and agricultural growth with capital investment and the introduction of high tech for the benefit of various countries.

In other words, the key to progress for socialism is to get people to understand that the growth of the economy would be the way to take care of all the people and that the capitalist class in this country in particular are acting in a completely opposite privatization drive which is keyed only to their own economic aggrandizement.  This would be a spur in the consciousness of the masses that there is something about socialism, which includes private enterprise as well as socially owned enterprise with the objective of increasing industrial and technological development in an effort to achieve a decent living standard for all people.

I may be wrong in this assumption, and I welcome your comments.


Sidney Gluck

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