Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware from my cry for help, we have been working on an essay on inflation as it affects China, and I appreciate comments from a number of our colleagues who I have thanked.  Our basic conclusion is that inflation is a disease of the capitalist system, which affects rising economies and, in particular, China.  Much of my research has been of China’s efforts to combat the rise of inflation as result of rising world prices for their imports. I have just received an article from China titled “Inflation Strikes: Government Policies Will Curb Rising Prices And Alleviate Burden On Consumers”.  While I had intended to share my essay, which is not quite finished (it has a lot of historic and background material), I would like to share the article with you as it reveals many of the measures taken by the Chinese government that are impossible in the US capitalist economy.

I should appreciate your comments.


Sidney J. Gluck

Click HERE to view “Inflation Scare” at

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