Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for visiting Sidney’s new site.

When I first began working with Sidney in July, I was immediately introduced to his email mailing list, through which he has been sharing his point of view with his friends, colleagues, and associates for many years. This blog will eventually collect his past years of emails, and going forward, will offer him a broader platform for expression.

Sidney is 96 years old and, as anyone who has met him surely knows well, is a man of many virtuous talents. It’s my pleasure to help him to present his wisdom, ideas, arguments, theories, and intellectual contributions to the broader world.


In solidarity,

Tim Fitzgerald
Assistant to Sidney J. Gluck

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  1. Posted October 2, 2012 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    Dear Professor Gluck,
    I heard about your vision for a Paradigm Shift from literary agent and author Sandra Choron, and feel that we may be able to cooperate and complement each other. I have been writing since 1996 about the Paradigm Shift I see occurring and culminating right now. Ms. Choron liked your way of explaining this concept better than mine, but I have a long term holistic perspective which I believe is uniquely my own and adds a whole new dimension of understanding of what is really going on.
    I have (self-)published a very important book about this Paradigm Shift under the name of PARADIGM PULSE – SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE, which I will be delighted to send you as a gift, if I may. For more information about the book and myself, please go to
    I also write a blog on
    With warm regards,
    Jens Jerndal

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