Dear Colleagues,
Back in August, the Beijing Review had a column on China’s “Goals for 2015,” which are a good indication of how they will climb out of the present economic situation, which has been wished upon them by the Western economic crisis. Please find them quoted below.
Of course, I would appreciate any comments.
Goals for 2015
Energy saving and environmental protection: The annual growth of revenue of contract energy management will reach 30 percent, the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste will hit 72 percent and the recovery rate of major renewable resources will increase to 70 percent.
Next-generation information technology: It is projected to boast 4MB broadband capacity for rural customers and 20MB broadband capacity for urban customers, with some areas capable of supporting 100MB of bandwidth. The convergence of telecommunication, Internet and broadcasting networks into one complete system will be realized, and television signals will become entirely digital.
Biology: At least 30 new medicines with independent intellectual property will be launched in the market, more than 200 kinds of pharmaceuticals will become the mainstream product in the international market, and the number of new animal and plant varieties will reach 20 and 180, respectively.
High-end equipment manufacturing: China’s first large passenger plane will complete its maiden flight; home-made regional jet ARJ 21 will be mass-produced; and breakthroughs will be made in the development of new-type utility aircraft and helicopters for civil use.
New energy: The total installed capacity of nuclear power plants will reach 40 million kw; approximately 100 million kw of installed wind power capacity will be connected to power grids; the installed biomass power capacity will rise to 13 million kw; and installed solar power capacity will reach 21 million kw.
New materials: The country will foster 20 leading enterprises with self-owned brands and big market influences, and become the world’s major producer of high-end new materials and products.
New-energy automobiles: A total of 500,000 all-electric and plug-in electric vehicles will be on the road. 

- “A New Hope,” Beijing Review, August 9th, 2012

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