Jim Hightower Trading on Xenophobia in the Progressive Populist

Dear Friends,

I’ve just received a letter from one of our Listserv associates which he wrote in response to something he read by a devoted liberal “leftist” writer differing with an article that had appeared in The Progressive Populist. I believe that his letter gives us one of the best pictures of capitalist domination of society and how it works.

I hope you agree.


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From: Brett Barndt <brettbarndt@xxxx.com>
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Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010 5:11:36 PM
Subject: Jim Hightower trading on xenophobia in The Progressive Populist
Hi there

I read your editorial segment “buying American with our dollars”, appearing in The Progressive Populist.

I’d like to point out to you that $9B or even $300B invested by China into US corporations is peanuts. As someone who has worked for 20 years in strategy and trends in global finance, and knows the structures of economies and stock markets all over this world, these numbers you cite and parlay with xenophobic undertones are paltry. They may sell headlines for you, I understand that nasty aspect of media business.

The real problem for Americans is the Top 1% who own a controlling 50% of the stock market, which is $ Trillions, and even more of the national wealth, who serve themselves with our congress, regulatory agencies, FCC licenses, Federal Reserve supervisors, Supreme Court appointees, 501c3s, university economics and polysci faculties, etc. to dismember the economic and political clout of middle-class and working families.

That and their media apparatus they also own and control which broadcasts dis-info 24/7 using FCC licenses to deliberately mislead voters all over this country into being lambs to the slaughter supporting regressive taxation for 30 years, or cryto- klepto- Keynesian war economies (isn’t Keynesianism supposed to be “socialist”? It is not, but it has been tarred as such by these crypto-kleptomaniacs in charge of naming things!).

The Fed published this data last year and you can read this “plutonomy report” from Citigroup anyway which outlines the grisly details of what has happened to this country after 30 years of regressive taxation, trickle up Keynesianism passed off as something else like “free-markets” or whatever!  A working lifetime of flat ungradated FICA taxes on wage earners from minimum wage capped at $97K for Social security/Medicare/Medicaid ending up as overblown Pharma and other healthcare company stock dividends thirty or forty years later for these controlling shareholders is a case in point you should think about.

Page 10 is especially good where it states that “one man one vote” is a big risk to this whole plutocracy, and the question should be asked about what factors in our media/information/political eco-system mean “one man one vote” hasn’t been working for 30 years? That is what you should be talking about here sir!


Concerning China and foreigners, xenophobia is a terrible specter for you to trade on. I hope you won’t stoop to that. Our enemies are here, amongst us. They made sure we were taught at school that they didn’t exist. That there was no such thing as “class” in this country, and that “class warfare” is a big no no! Yeah, and who made sure those textbooks said that? Warren Buffet would beg to differ. He says “there is class warfare in this country, and his class is winning.” He’s the only one with integrity to say so. I hope instead of doing what Hitler and others routinely do to deflect from real culpability and causation, you will focus on the real suspects behind curtains and fully in charge of Oz, rather than play into tricks of demagoguery to sell your papers and page views.

In principle I like what you do. But, on principle I have to point out this grave moral error you’ve committed in this editorial. This move is very “low tower”!

Best regards,
Brett Barndt

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