Leaked Footage of the Incredibly Horrible Police Action Against OWS Last Year

My dear Colleagues,

I just had one of the most shocking experiences in my life, at age 96.
When the police broke up the Occupy Wall Street demonstration on the 15th of November 2011, the participants in the protest could not take any photos, all their equipment was destroyed, and all journalists were barred. What I just saw was 15 minutes of video taken by the police. Unbelievable. You must find a way to see it.
Beating up people who hardly showed any physical resistance. Grabbing children from their parents. Six policemen beating down one desperate, decent human being.
Everyone must see this film somehow. It is the most shameful of events in our own country, rivaling beatings during the Jim Crow era. Outright beating people who had done nothing wrong in any way. The world must see this, period.
I did learn that you can view it on YouTube here:
I urge you to view the video, which was done with police cameras and not released until yesterday. It also probably is only a small part of what they filmed, so you can imagine what they left out.
Do let me know if you follow through, and express your opinion.

Background of Egypt and Middle East International Relations

Dear Colleagues,

The 21st century sure is one of historic change; not only the growth of China as an economic power together with Brazil, India, and Russia (BRIC) as a second polar center in world economy generating economic developments and the end of colonialism as it moves away from the domination of finance capital of the US superpower.  The attached article in the Nation sums up the political background of the eruption in Egypt and Middle East politics.

We also want to call your attention to several stories in the New York Times, in the latter part of last week through Sunday, which exposes the political battle between Obama and the Pentagon State-Department cabal that seeks to maintain US domination in Egypt and the surrounding area.  If anyone wants copies, we would be pleased to send it, preferably by snail mail, as we will make copies where necessary.

I know that there will be differences of opinion on Obama’s vision, which challenges eco-political domination and favors internal democratic development, and that is precisely why I am raising these questions.


Sidney Gluck

Click HERE to view “America’s ‘Shah’ In Egypt” at http://www.thenation.com/article/158275/americas-shah-egypt