Hate in the USA

Dear Friends,

I am very much concerned with the development of hate groups in the Far Right which the Southern Poverty Law Center had succeeded in diminishing just a few years ago. However, in the last year or two, the Right has been in a rage and the Southern Poverty Law Center has just issued a special issue of their publication “Intelligence Report.” The special issue is titled “Rage on the Right.”

My great fear is the growth of fascistic attitudes which instead of centering on anti-Semitism is centering on anti-black and anti-immigrant and certainly anti-Obama who you can describe in your own way. I recommend very highly that pick this up from the Internet (link below). Unfortunately, there is a list at the back of the magazine from page 46-68 that contains a listing by type of the different hate groups in the USA that is neither on their website nor could we scan it for you (too large). We did, however, scan in a few charts that were available in the publication but not in the article on their website. They are attached.

Rage on the Right | Southern Poverty Law Center

I also recommend that you obtain this issue by writing to the SPLC.

As an aside, I must tell you that Morris Dees who founded and heads the organization, had put his life in danger to carry on this work: but he has won every law suit to put an end to hate groups throughout the years. He should be honored.


Marx’s Contribution to Humanism

I found this in my old teaching notes as I’m organizing my library and I wanted to share it with you:

“Chinese socialism may, of course, bear the same relation to European socialism as Chinese to Hegelian philosophy. But it is still amusing to note that the oldest and most unshakable empire on earth has, within eight years, been brought to the brink of a social revolution by the cotton bales of the English bourgeoisie; in any event, such a revolution cannot help but have the most important consequence for the civilized world. When our European reactions, in the course of their imminent flight through Asia, finally arrive at the Great Wall of China, at the gates which lead to the home of primal reaction and primal conservatism, who knows if they will not find written thereon the legend:

Republique Chinoise
Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”

- Karl Marx, London, January 31, 1850

Economic Trends in the Post-Crisis 21st Century

Dear Friends,

Among the articles received from Beijing in the last few days are two that not only amuse me but reveal an interesting direction in which the 21st century is moving.

One of the articles is titled “China’s FDI up 7.7% in Q1″ and the other is “China Unveils New Rules for Foreign Investment.” We attach both of these as links at the bottom of this email.

Clearly, foreign capital is being invested in a post-crisis mode. However, it is foreign capital into China not necessarily in the home countries, particularly the USA. These short articles reveal the difference between western capital dragging its feet in building high tech green economies and China which is making this a major principle in their planning and will no doubt achieve supremacy in that direction. We quote, in particular, the short paragraph which sums up China’s approach in contrast to the pure profit approach of western capital:

“According to the new regulations, China still welcomes foreign investment in high-tech industries, services sectors, energy-saving and environmental protection, but polluting and energy-gorging or projects in industries running at overcapacity are not wanted.”

As always, we welcome your comments.

China’s FDI up 7.7% in Q1

China unveils new rules for foreign investment


The Beijing Review on BRIC

Dear Colleagues,

Just got the Beijing Review which has a very important article on world development and I want immediately to share it with you. It deals with the development of a bipolar world with two centers of international relations: one, the sector dominated by the USA in the capitalist world, and the other, a new formation of an organization which has a cooperative content of working together in trade and development without political domination.

The organization is called BRIC standing for Brazil, Russia, India, and China, who have formed a relation just recently for the very purpose of development in a cooperative manner. This is the essence of world development for the 21st-century, which we had accomplished in an article some time ago without any indication of definite forms of development. This is the first major international form which will grow.

I’m confident that you will react positively, however, if you differ please tell me.

You can read the article here: http://www.bjreview.com.cn/world/txt/2010-02/26/content_248932.htm


Jim Hightower Trading on Xenophobia in the Progressive Populist

Dear Friends,

I’ve just received a letter from one of our Listserv associates which he wrote in response to something he read by a devoted liberal “leftist” writer differing with an article that had appeared in The Progressive Populist. I believe that his letter gives us one of the best pictures of capitalist domination of society and how it works.

I hope you agree.


Forwarded message:

From: Brett Barndt <brettbarndt@xxxx.com>
To: undisclosed recipient
Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010 5:11:36 PM
Subject: Jim Hightower trading on xenophobia in The Progressive Populist
Hi there

I read your editorial segment “buying American with our dollars”, appearing in The Progressive Populist.

I’d like to point out to you that $9B or even $300B invested by China into US corporations is peanuts. As someone who has worked for 20 years in strategy and trends in global finance, and knows the structures of economies and stock markets all over this world, these numbers you cite and parlay with xenophobic undertones are paltry. They may sell headlines for you, I understand that nasty aspect of media business.

The real problem for Americans is the Top 1% who own a controlling 50% of the stock market, which is $ Trillions, and even more of the national wealth, who serve themselves with our congress, regulatory agencies, FCC licenses, Federal Reserve supervisors, Supreme Court appointees, 501c3s, university economics and polysci faculties, etc. to dismember the economic and political clout of middle-class and working families.

That and their media apparatus they also own and control which broadcasts dis-info 24/7 using FCC licenses to deliberately mislead voters all over this country into being lambs to the slaughter supporting regressive taxation for 30 years, or cryto- klepto- Keynesian war economies (isn’t Keynesianism supposed to be “socialist”? It is not, but it has been tarred as such by these crypto-kleptomaniacs in charge of naming things!).

The Fed published this data last year and you can read this “plutonomy report” from Citigroup anyway which outlines the grisly details of what has happened to this country after 30 years of regressive taxation, trickle up Keynesianism passed off as something else like “free-markets” or whatever!  A working lifetime of flat ungradated FICA taxes on wage earners from minimum wage capped at $97K for Social security/Medicare/Medicaid ending up as overblown Pharma and other healthcare company stock dividends thirty or forty years later for these controlling shareholders is a case in point you should think about.

Page 10 is especially good where it states that “one man one vote” is a big risk to this whole plutocracy, and the question should be asked about what factors in our media/information/political eco-system mean “one man one vote” hasn’t been working for 30 years? That is what you should be talking about here sir!


Concerning China and foreigners, xenophobia is a terrible specter for you to trade on. I hope you won’t stoop to that. Our enemies are here, amongst us. They made sure we were taught at school that they didn’t exist. That there was no such thing as “class” in this country, and that “class warfare” is a big no no! Yeah, and who made sure those textbooks said that? Warren Buffet would beg to differ. He says “there is class warfare in this country, and his class is winning.” He’s the only one with integrity to say so. I hope instead of doing what Hitler and others routinely do to deflect from real culpability and causation, you will focus on the real suspects behind curtains and fully in charge of Oz, rather than play into tricks of demagoguery to sell your papers and page views.

In principle I like what you do. But, on principle I have to point out this grave moral error you’ve committed in this editorial. This move is very “low tower”!

Best regards,
Brett Barndt

for the bcc:



Corporations Are Not People

Dear all:

I was shockingly surprised yesterday to view a video response of me to the Supreme Court decision regarding the rights granted to corporations. The video is available on Youtube to view. It was shot on February 9th at the Chinese Consulate after I’d been cordially invited to visit. I have never had such a penetrating positive shock to hear myself up front in a political battle.



Humanism: The Heart of Socialism

Dear Friends,


We would like to share a very exciting moment with you! Since the Republicans called Obama a socialist, I undertook an intensive study on the origins of socialism. I found that the very word originated with religious people in the latter part of the feudal era of Europe in their cry against exploitation of serfs and some aspects of the rise of wage labor capitalist production relations. I found the thread of the struggle for humanism, since the breakdown of tribal communal society, to be the nodal point of social protest against class exploitation in different economic structures.


I decided to write a book titled “Humanism: The Heart of Socialism.” The easiest way for me to record it was through my television show “Pacific Rim News Review.” I’ve completed eight, half-hour presentations representing eight chapters in a book I intend to put into literary form. As a result, we wound up with eight shows that were put on two DVDs and represent a “video-book.” I discussed with publishers how to market such an idea since 1.5 million literary works will be digitized within the year for sale online. Alas, they showed no interest in answering my questions. We now plan to contact up to six different commercial online giants to see if marketing can be arranged in a general sense.  We have also begun to contact many organizations some of which have websites or blogs and have offered to post my videos.


Attached to this note is a view of the project which contains an index of all the chapters to give you an idea of its scope. We now have additional ideas along similar lines to go deeper into a number of ideological and political questions. In the meantime, we have arranged for the production of the two DVDset which is now available. I would like to make them available to all of my colleagues and would be happy to send them to you at our cost which includes shipping and handling. This comes to around $17.00. We have told organizations that are interested that they can have them at cost and sell them at an acceptable price for a two-DVD set which I understand runs from anywhere between $25 and $50. Should you be interested in having a set, we would also send you additional ones to sell to organizations and individuals and use the profit to contribute to your favorite political organization. This is what we are doing.


Having spent generations teaching and studying Classical Marxism and following the changes that have been taking place in the 20th century under the failed Soviet Union which gave capitalism the grist for propaganda against socialism, I believe that this approach has the stamp of reality and brings the concept of socialism to its historic moment.


I’m approaching you in the name of the struggle for democracy and socialism in our own country to help open the eyes of the vast population to what this kind of historic change (that will ultimately come about unless capitalism destroys the world) will be like.


I look forward to your reaction either about the idea or to ask that we send you the DVDs. The material is copyrighted; however, feel free to share the “video-book” in any way you feel pushes the message of socialism. In this light, please do not duplicate the series. I am also prepared to travel and take part in any lectures or presentations related to this subject.




Hu Jintao Abides US Surveillance, Suspects in Prison, Torture, Rendition

Dear Friends,
We just pulled our file on Hu JIntao and found an article dated November 19th which you might find amusing and dismaying. I’d like to share it with you.
I’m very much impressed with the Chinese handling personal relations which have a particular political effect. It is so un-American that it leaves me with a sense of shame.

How A Speech Won the Cold War

William Taubman on Khrushchev in the New York Times:

 FIFTY years ago today, the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave a “secret speech” at the 20th Communist Party Congress that changed both his country and the world. By denouncing Stalin, whose God-like status had helped to legitimize Communism in the Soviet Bloc, Khrushchev began a process of unraveling it that culminated in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. This great deed deserves to be celebrated on its anniversary.

But it is also a good time to ponder this question: What are we to think of a leader whose great deeds do not bring about the consequences intended? It is a question worth consideration by all leaders — particularly Khrushchev’s current heir, Vladimir Putin, who has tried to bring his nation into the 21st century by wielding the autocratic hand of a 19th-century czar.

Letter to The Nation on the Blackout

Subj: To the Editor 
Date: 9/2/2003 8:31:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From: SJGluck 
To: letters@thenation.com 
Dear Editor:

William Grider’s comments on “The Lesson of the Blackout” is a welcome call for a new deal that harnesses monopoly in the USA in its worst phase since the Golden Age. While little was done by Clinton to regulate private interests, the Bush administration, tied to the energy segments of corporate America, oil, natural gas, mining, automobile, aircraft, etc., has followed through with the right wing handover of power to the corporate CEO’s initiated in the Reagan administration. Grider’s analysis is well-founded. However, no mention is made of alternatives to the energy structure of the country, despite the fact that it is clearly vulnerable, not alone to breakdowns and disruption, but also to terrorists who learned a great lesson from the recent blackout on how easy it is to flip a few relays and switches if you find the right weak ones and there are many because of the failure of monopolies to plow back some of their super profits in order to improve their equipment.

The USA is the only major industrialized country in the world that has structured its energy supplies on massive grids that cover major sections of the country. The real issue is getting away from the grid system which is vulnerable to terrorist acts, as we are learning such possibilities from the accidents of switching and relaying.

It is the resolution of the restraints which the existing oil monopolies have exercised against the technological development and investment in renewable and safe forms of energy that have been available in other countries for decades. We have not had any supports or tax breaks for capital investment in solar, wind, thermal, etc. etc. energies.

From an economic point of view, the promotion of such investment could create as many as 1,700,000 new jobs in 7 years with little disturbance of existing jobs in the energy fields. There is a new energy bill being discussed in Congress and an opportunity to inject proposals that will stimulate the economy as new technology is injected into our means of production, giving impetus to capital investment and job creation. This is a way to increase the growth of the GNP without creating a bubble. The introduction of new technology has always been the lever of development of our economic system that is now sputtering from such failure.


Sidney J. Gluck
Chairman, New Energy Policy Association, NYC