Esso Advertisement from 1962

Esso Advertisement from 1962

“Each day, Humble supplies enough energy to melt 7 MILLION tons of glacier.”

Dear Friends,

Just to show you how finance capital has worked in the USA, we go back to February 1962 when Esso (now Exxon) published an ad indicating that their company (Humble) supplied enough energy to melt 7mln tons of glacier EACH DAY. Apparently, there wasn’t much they learned that they wanted to share as to what could happen during their economic reign continuing to eject what has become 65% of the CO2 now threatening to develop into glacial melt catastrophe. Thought I would share a copy of the ad with you. We scanned it and it is attached.

I hope you followed the results of this week’s meeting just ended in Bolivia which decried the failure of Copenhagen and particularly the US and its failure to deal with the elimination of CO2 production.